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LabCorp Test Name
Celiac HLA DQA/DQB Genotyping LabCorp HLA Lab 167082 Celiac Disease HLA DQ Association
Narcolepsy DNA Test LabCorp HLA Lab 167139 Narcolepsy Evaluation
Apo E Genotyping: Cardio Risk Esoterix 300977 Apo E Genotyping: Cardio Risk
Factor V Leiden DNA Test Esoterix 120719 Factor V Leiden Mutation
Prothrombin (Factor II) DNA Test Esoterix 120736 Factor II Gene Mutation (Prothrombin G20210A)
Factor V R2 DNA Test Esoterix 300734 Factor V R2 DNA Analysis
Combined Factor V Leiden/Prothrombin (Factor II) DNA Test Esoterix 129260 ThrombAssure (Factor II Gene Mutation (Prothrombin G20210A), Factor V Leiden Mutation)
Factor V Leiden Reflex to Factor V R2 Esoterix 300976 Factor V Leiden Reflex to R2
MTHFR DNA Test Esoterix 304436 MTHFR C677T and A1298C (Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase; paired testing)
Hemochromatosis DNA Test LabCorp CMBP 511345 Hereditary Hemochromatosis, DNA Analysis

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(800) 533-1037
LabCorp HLA Lab, Burlington NC
(800) 444-9111
Esoterix, Inc. Englewood, CO
(800) 345-4363
LabCorp CMBP (Center for Molecular Biology and Pathology)
Research Triangle Park, NC