Submit A Specimen

Instructions For Physicians, Hospitals & Laboratories

Instructions For Physicians, Hospitals & Laboratories

  • Complete the appropriate LabCorp requisition form provided to your office or laboratory.
  • To request requisition forms and pre-addressed airbills call the laboratory customer service number for the appropriate laboratory.
  • For ordering, see the Tests link on this website to determine the test name and LabCorp test number to choose.
  • Collect the specimen appropriate for the test (eg. blood or buccal cells).
  • Ship to the appropriate LabCorp lab using the provided pre-addressed airbills, or use your LabCorp courier, if appropriate.

Buccal cell collection kits

If you use buccal swab collection kits, your kits will now be supplied by LabCorp.

For celiac or narcolepsy testing: Request buccal swab kits by calling LabCorp's dedicated HLA customer service team at (800) 533-1037. If you have buccal cell collection kits from Kimball Genetics, you may continue to use these until you receive your LabCorp buccal swab kits, but send them to:
LabCorp HLA Lab
1440 York Court,
Burlington, NC 27215-3361

Genetic consultation

Genetic consultation by Board-certified Genetic Counselors is available for physicians, other healthcare providers, and patients. Our genetic counselors are happy to explain test results and their significance to patients and family members. Scientific Director, Dr. Annette Taylor is available for genetic consultation, as needed. LabCorp's HLA customer services team at (800) 533-1037 can put you in touch with her or another genetic counselor as requested.