Submit A Specimen

Instructions for Individuals

For Celiac HLA DQA/DQB Testing
For celiac genetic testing (Celiac HLA DQA/DQB Association), you may collect and submit your own buccal cell specimen or that of your child. Buccal cells are cells from the inside of your cheek collected on swabs.
Celiac HLA testing is of buccal cell specimens is as accurate as blood specimens, but buccal cell specimens are more convenient to collect and ship than blood. Celiac HLA testing is accurate while on a gluten-free diet.
Celiac HLA testing involves testing your DQA and DQB genes to determine the genotype of each. The report states whether the HLA-associated alleles that make up DQ2, half DQ2 or DQ8 are detected and gives a genetic risk estimate for celiac disease based on these results. Your actual celiac risk is also strongly influenced by symptoms of celiac disease and family history of this condition.
  • If you are considering celiac genetic testing (Celiac HLA DQA/DQB Association) and have questions about the assay, how the results may be useful, or who to test in your family, call the LabCorp HLA Lab customer service number at (800) 533-1037 and let the person know you have questions about the test or celiac genetics. A Genetic Counselor will phone you back.
  • You may request a buccal swab kit by calling the LabCorp HLA Lab customer service team at (800) 533-1037. The buccal swab kit contains four buccal swabs, instructions for buccal cell collection, a requisition form, and a consent form. Just give the customer service representative your name, address and phone number.
  • Contact your physician or other health care provider and explain that you want the Celiac HLA DQA/DQB Association test, also referred to as a HLA Celiac DQ2/DQ8. Check this test on the requisition form you received in the buccal swab kit and fill in the name and contact information for your physician or other health care provider you wish to receive your report. Let the health care provider know you want this testing and they will be receiving your report. If you are from NY State, you will need a signature from your health care provider to authorize the testing (on the physician signature line of the requisition form).
  • Payment options will be explained in the paperwork that accompanies the buccal swab kit.
  • Collect the buccal cell samples on the four swabs by following the instructions.
  • Mail the buccal swab kit with the buccal cell swabs of collected cells and completed paperwork to:
    LabCorp HLA Lab
    1440 York Court,
    Burlington, NC 27215-3361
  • Your report will be sent to the health care provider you have specified. To receive your report, contact the health care provider. Your report will include whether DQ2, half DQ2 or DQ8 were detected, your DQA and DQB genotypes, and celiac genetic risk assessment.
  • Genetic counseling to explain results or answer other questions about your report: Call (800) 533-1037 and ask the HLA customer service representative to put you into contact with a Genetic Counselor. A Genetic Counselor will phone you back.