Celiac Disease Services

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Kimball Genetics is a recognized leader in celiac disease testing and genetic counseling, and we have joined with LabCorp to provide the most extensive celiac testing and consulting programs available. Oversite of LabCorp’s celiac disease program is provided by Annette Taylor, MS, PhD, Scientific Director. Dr. Taylor is an expert in celiac disease and will continue to be available for genetic consultation.
Celiac HLA DQA/DQB testing, previously available through Kimball Genetics, will now be performed at the LabCorp HLA Laboratory in Burlington, NC. LabCorp has performed HLA testing for more than 30 years and currently sends results on thousands of samples each month. In addition, LabCorp offers a full menu of tests for celiac, including comprehensive celiac disease antibody profiles (see the Celiac Disease Services pamphlet below and online at www.LabCorp.com, Test Menu).
For in depth information about the celiac services available, see the materials below: